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[EF #3] A (Young) Mother and Her Gadgets

To be honest, I am not a social media junkie.

Not the kind who feel comfortable to share my personal life to some strangers in social media. Not the one who updated where I have been or what I have done, every-single-hour.

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Who Would Have Known?

In life, one long journey, many phases are encountered.

Phases of life.. each with different kinds of roads, intersect one another.

At the intersection, one road leads to another…. and yet, you are clueless, in a way, guessing which road to choose, where this road would take you, how this road would end, and what kind of phase you would face afterwards.

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To My Dearest Alma on Your 3rd Birthday

Alma sayang,

Three years ago, we’re welcoming you with hearts full of blessing. You’re born in an induced labor after we’d waited anxiously for days at home since the latent phase of dilatation. Hence, I thank Allah who has sent us a beautiful healthy baby girl. Almost everyone, including the nurses at the hospital, said that you’re a calm, peaceful, and untroubled baby – that was also one of the reasons we named you Sakina :).Alma bayi Continue reading “To My Dearest Alma on Your 3rd Birthday”